Brian Reads: Flash Fiction is an effort by me to help spread the enjoyment of this short form pros. Sponsorship enable me to do this two ways:

  1. They cover hosting expenses for the podcast at audioBoom.com ($10 per month).
  2. They allow me to pay contributing authors a small sum for their work ($5 twice a month).
    • (This does not include me; I don’t pay myself for my stories in the podcast.)

After taxes and Paypal fees, these two things come out to about $11 per episode, and that’s all the sponsorship costs. None of the funds from a sponsorship go to me personally.

What you get for your sponsorship is your name and website:

  1. Spoken clearly & with gratitude at the end of the podcast
  2. Written in the podcast’s description
  3. Written below the podcast window on this website
  4. Four social media posts (2 on Twitter, 2 on Facebook)

Your sponsorship as an investment is something I take seriously. Of course, the podcast just started (only 1 episode so far) but in the first week of the first episode’s release, I have:

  • 33 individual listeners to the podcast
  • 26 visits to the Podcasts page of this website
  • 31 additional followers on Twitter

So you can see that of the people who listened, engagement was pretty high. Additionally, not everyone who listened did so through this website, so some probably shared the audioBoom page or listened through iTunes or Google Play. Of course, I cannot make any guarantees about what you may get out of your sponsorship besides my most enthusiastic gratitude and the promise to continue on as best as I can.

If you are interested in doing a sponsorship, please use the form below to contact me.

Thank you!