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Help make Peter S Beagle’s birthday a good one

Floating through my social media stream was a blog post from Amp Toons about Peter S Beagle, famous author of The Last Unicorn and other awesome books. Even if you’re familiar with his works, you may not be familiar with his situation. Without getting into too much detail, Mr. Beagle hired a manager who stole

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Another Giveaway for My Shortstories!

Starting this weekend, I’m giving away another shortstory that I just published through Amazon, called “Reality Check.” From the description: Agnolo was just trying to enjoy his lunch at his favorite pub. He’s not an unreasonable guy, and he likes it when people stick to the facts. So when a man starts telling preposterous lies

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New Legislation! With Love from California, Signed…

I’m thrilled to bring you today’s episode of poorly written legislation in the USA, complements of California, the same state that brought you cancer warnings on bread and other fun and well-meaning laws. The subject of today’s legislation is bill “AB-1570: Collectibles: sale of autographed memorabilia” which was passed earlier this month. As Teleread reports,

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