Podcast Update: Patreon Support, Activate!

I have a ton of news to share with you all, but instead of writing one big post I’ll be doing a few over the coming week. This first post, you may have guessed, is about the podcast and Patreon!

Part of the difficulty with the podcast has been finding sponsors. At the moment, the podcast costs very little to run, but it’s still a non-zero number. At the moment those costs are split almost even between the hosting and paying authors for their work. I can’t pay them very much, and I want that to eventually change. With your support, we can make that happen.

A commitment of $1 a month from just a fraction of listeners will make a world of difference for the podcast and the authors whose work is read on it. In return you get access to transcripts of the podcast, and if you’re feeling more generous you can gain a few extra tidbits as well like the opportunity to watch me record the episodes live (which usually includes a special guest or two–my cats).

All of the money from the Patreon goes to supporting the podcast. I don’t keep a single cent for myself.

Click here and become a subscriber now and share it on social media!

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