Updates Long Past Due – Audiobook & new anthology

The audiobook of The Horrible Plan of Horace Pickle has been available since May and I’m embarrassed that I never announced it!

Also, at the beginning of August, an anthology titled Realm of Magic was published. It contains my story Edna, Grace, and Alan, a story of three witches who have a bit of a… miscommunication.

“What’s going on with the podcast,” you ask? Well it was always meant to take a break around this time of year (July/August), although the break started a bit earlier than I anticipated. Essentially, the five existing episodes are going to be what I’ll consider ‘Season 1’ of the podcast. I aim to make a Season 2. That’s about all I can really share at the moment. If you have a story you’d like to submit and have just been wondering if it’s worth submitting–please send it my way!

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