Episode 5 of Brian Reads: Flash Fiction

Yay, new podcast!
It’s, technically, a day late. That’s still an improvement, I’d like to point out.

Five episodes in and I’m still getting my process nailed down. Episode 4 had a drop in recording quality, I feel, but I tried to bump it back up with this episode. I definitely had fun reading these stories. I tried to not do anything funny with accents or voices this time around, and I don’t think I did anything too crazy in that regard. I’m definitely open to feedback though.

Thanks for listening and please consider sending in a story! A thousand words is less than it seems, but still enough to tell a good story. More to the point, I really want to have other peoples’ stories to read on the podcast! So keep them coming!

Head over to the podcast page to listen or submit.

On a slightly related note, I’ve been considering adding some Brian Reads merchandise. Little things like buttons, patches, and stickers. What do you think?

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