Music Monday: “Morin khuur rehearsal”

Sometimes in life you come across things that are completely outside anything your own culture has to offer. Sometimes the experience is bad, but other times it’s very, very good. I hope this is one of those times for you.

I first came across morin khuur, the mongolian horsehead fiddle, a few years ago. Since then I’ve tried to find more music made with it but a lot of the videos and recordings were overproduced (that is, they had background tracks that were just too much). I wanted simple, raw, awesome music.

That’s what you’re about to see. Anton Vdk and his bandmate are amazing, even in rehearsal. Here they play 1. Hartai sarlag (Domog) 2. Khulguud (Hosoo & Transmongolia) 3. Mongol hun (Domog).

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