Music Monday: Tubular Bells Part 1 – Mike Oldfield

It seems to me that a lot of us form our musical preferences when we’re growing up. Well, nothing could influence me as much as this track from Mike Oldfield.

Despite being relatively obscure, Tubular Bells changed the world of music. It was one of the first albums published by Virgin Records in 1973 and the first none-classical (in the traditional sense) performance at the Queen Elizabeth Hall. It hit the top of the charts in the UK so hard that it stayed there until finally deposed by Oldfield’s second album, Hergest Ridge (Oldfield is one of the very few people in history to knock themselves off the #1 spot on the charts). Tubular Bells is also, arguably, the very first orchestrated rock album in the world. If you’ve listened to some of my other Music Monday posts, especially those with Two Steps from Hell and Instrumental Core, then you’ve already heard the fruit of Oldfield’s labor: a whole genre of power, beautiful, elegant, and inspiring music.

A little forewarning: Tubular Bells was recorded in 2 tracks, the first one (posted here) is 25 minutes. So I’ll share with you the advice given most people about to undertake this journey: get a good pair of headphones, lean back, and listen. I hope you enjoy it.


You can help support me and my work by purchasing the music you just listened to using the Amazon Affiliate link below. There are several different editions and re-recordings of Tubular Bells, my favorite is the “Deluxe” edition which includes the original 1973 recording and the 2009 remastering (my preference).

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