Ep2 of Brian Reads is now available

Hi everyone!Brian Reads: Flash Fiction Podcast!

So I just published episode 2 of Brian Reads, featuring a story by the very talented and funny Dave D’Alessio. Head over to the Podcasts page to have a listen, if you haven’t already. This episode is only about 13 minutes and should make you smile.

The story I wrote for it, Grave Happenings, strikes me as hilarious. But I think that’s my dark sense of humor coming through. I don’t know what it is about somebody getting unexpectedly hit on the back of the head with heavy tools that makes me laugh. Maybe it’s nostalgia (the same happened to me in a play I participated in back in college, although thankfully the sledge hammer used was a light foam–acting!).

Also, a big thank-you to everyone who’s been sharing the podcast! I hope you continue to do so and enjoy the episodes as they come out. Feel free to throw me any feedback… I’m only two episodes in and I’m sure there’s lots of ways I can improve.

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