New Podcast: Brian Reads

So this week has been ramping up to the release of my new podcast, Brian Reads: Flash Fiction. I’m thrilled to include Stephen Coghlan in this first episode. His story, Kernel of Truth, made for the perfect, light-hearted horror story to end the podcast with. Halloween is a great time to laugh and be scared at the same time.

As far as first episodes go, I’m happy with how this one came together. The music I recorded myself on guitar and ukulele. My performance in reading the pieces still needs a bit of work, but that’ll improve from episode to episode. The real trick will be continuing to find sponsors and writers to help support the podcast. The sponsors cover the cost of podcast hosting and enable me to pay the writers a little bit, while writers help keep the podcast from being just me reading my work. I like having the opportunity to share my own writing, but I want this to be an opportunity for others as well.

So if you haven’t listened it yet, Brian Reads: Flash Fiction is only about ten minutes long and is made to entertain during short periods when you don’t want to commit to a larger podcast. Go give it a listen and please spread the word!

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