Music Mondays: Les Poules Huppées (“Crested Hens”) + Far Away ~ Waltz by Katy Adelson

I haven’t done a Music Monday in a little bit, so here’s a beautiful recording by Katy Adelson. This is, apparently, a combination of two songs. I’m not familiar with either of them, and they blend together so smoothly that I didn’t realize it was two different tunes until I read the description (although I should have realized it from the title, oh well).

This is the sort of song that you can close your eyes to, relax, and sway with the beat. The imagery it summons to me is bittersweet: beautiful landscapes worked by people who toil daily, bearing their hardships, and still go home and smile and laugh with their families. It’s the persistence of the human spirit and the joys that can be had despite how bad things can otherwise be.

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  1. Claire Reply

    This music is just fantastic !
    I’m retired and just starting to play fiddle.
    Where is Katy Adelson from ? Ireland or ?
    Her music is so full of good energy.
    Many thanks for your blog.

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