Writing Milestone Achieved!

So, I didn’t get much writing done at Pennsic. That was sort of expected. What I didn’t expect was to get much writing done at Steel City Con this past weekend. Not only did I write a lot, I was finally able to work through the last parts of the book. Meaning, the first draft of The Single Deed of Emeril Battles is complete!

That’s such exciting news, and it means that editing can finally begin. The first step was running spell check (I’ll correct spelling in grammar as a write, but I don’t always catch everything). Wow, there were a lot of mistakes that needed fixed. Then, I started writing in parts that got missed or needed details changed. It’s startling how, once you reach the end of a narrative, all these little problems and inconsistencies pop up.

By the end of the weekend at Steel City Con, I had added over a thousand words to the manuscript length after I declared it done. That’s just how editing goes, and will continue to go. Who knows what the final word count will be. For The Horrible Plan of Horace Pickle, I removed about 6,000 words during editing… but then I added in 7,000. No wonder this stage of writing takes so long!

One thing is for certain: I’m feeling a renewed drive to finish this book, and I want to have it out no later than next summer!

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