Short Story Shenanigans: Contest and Publishing!

The first thing, the biggest thing, that I need to mention in this post is the incredible support I received over Facebook last week when I announced my goal to participate in the Flash Fiction Challenge 2017 and how I needed help to pay for the entry fee. Well, it didn’t take long for my friends, family, and fans to pool together and a few days later I was able to register for the contest. This may come as a surprise, but nobody has ever sponsored me for a contest like that before. So, thank you!

The next big news is that a short story of mine, The Theater is Closed, was selected for inclusion in “Combating Censorship: a zine project.” The zine was put together by Jacqueline Dell after an experience where a friend of hers was censored by a publication because his work was deemed too controversial. I’m proud and honored to be included in Jacqueline’s zine, and I encourage everyone to give it a read through. It’s FREE and can be read online at Issuu or you can download the PDF here. Please share it and help combat censorship!

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