Help make Peter S Beagle’s birthday a good one

Floating through my social media stream was a blog post from Amp Toons about Peter S Beagle, famous author of The Last Unicorn and other awesome books. Even if you’re familiar with his works, you may not be familiar with his situation. Without getting into too much detail, Mr. Beagle hired a manager who stole a lot of money. Now, there is a lawsuit against this person and the latest news has been very good for Mr. Beagle. Unfortunately, judgements don’t put food on the table.

That’s where we, his fans, can help.

This week, to help add a bit of cheer to Mr. Beagle’s birthday, let’s help support him. There are a number of awesome ways you can help:

  • Head over to Humble Bundle and get the collection of awesome books Mr. Beagle curated himself, for as much or as little money as you can spare. If you select “choose where your money goes,” you can send 100% to Tachyon Press, Peter Beagle’s publisher. He earns royalties, and can continue to make a living.
  • Donate to Support Peter Beagle (see update regarding Paypal!). By helping to pay his legal fees, you can free up Mr. Beagle’s own money to buy other things, like groceries.
  • If you’re interested in donating to Mr. Beagle directly Update: Peter Beagle has asked that people donate to the Support Peter Beagle legal fund in the above point. Humble Bundle is OK too, but the best way to help is through his legal fund!
  • As a final possibility, if you happen to be in Pittsburgh, PA, you can stop by Rickert & Beagle Books and do some shopping.

Some people have been talking about a GoFundMe page for Mr. Beagle, but Adrienne confirmed that is not a possibility, presumably for legal reasons. If you see any attempts at a GoFundMe or other crowdfunding campaign to benefit Mr. Beagle, please confirm its legitimacy before donating.

  • (4/23 10:42pm) The Paypal Donation button on appears to not be accepting money at the moment. We suspect shenanigans on the part of Paypal. I’ll update again when we know the button is working!
  • (4/24 11:53am) Things appear to be fixed now & the Donate button is working as it should.

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  1. Rina Weisman Reply

    Hi there! Please note that the website is THE best ONE way to send money to Peter. Please do not use PayPal, or support any other fundraising sites. The website is done with the sanction of his lawyer, and fiduciary, and with Peter’s sanction. It’s on the level, and it’s appreciated if you just use that. The Humble Bundle is indeed another awesome way to support, not only Peter, but the other authors whose work is featured. If anyone has questions, please reach out to

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