Another Giveaway for My Shortstories!

The photo of my eye even creeps me out

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Starting this weekend, I’m giving away another shortstory that I just published through Amazon, called “Reality Check.”

From the description: Agnolo was just trying to enjoy his lunch at his favorite pub. He’s not an unreasonable guy, and he likes it when people stick to the facts. So when a man starts telling preposterous lies to everyone around him, Agnolo complains. That’s when he gets his Reality Check.

Here’s what the first review had to say about it: “‘Reality Check’ is a story that rides multiple genre lines, flows relatively well, makes nods to various fandoms (including anime, science fiction, and more), and still carries with it a powerful message in a deceptively small, simple package. I found it intriguing that the tale even uses fandom as a means to relay the message, which was not something I expected when I began reading this story.”

Anthony adds at the end: “If you want an enjoyable story that makes you think in an unexpected way, then you really cannot go wrong with ‘Reality Check.’

In addition to giving away Reality Check for a whole week, I decided to make Insomnia free again for the rest of the weekend. So if you missed last week’s giveaway, you’ve got another chance to grab it!

Now head on over to the Shop or use the links below and download free Kindle edition copies of these two stories now!

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