Music Mondays: All’s Hell that Ends Well by Two Steps from Hell

Two Steps from Hell is one of my go-to places for great writing music, and the opening track to Skyworld is one of their best. All’s Hell that Ends Well is one of the first pieces of Epic Classical that really nails the use of dubstep style techno, mixed will mass choral and full orchestra.

Two Steps from Hell got their start by producing music for feature films and movie trailers, but has gained popularity releasing that music on albums. It’s hard to listen to an album like Skyworld and not begin forming your own movies in your head. In fact, All’s Hell that Ends Well has kind of become the trailer music for a zombie story I’ve been working on for a couple of years. It’s hard to listen to this song and not then immediately go to work on that project!

If you liked that, you can support this blog and Two Steps from Hell by using the affiliate link below to purchase the album!

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