Music Mondays: Dancing Bear performed by Katy Adelson

Welcome to the next Music Monday. Today I want to share with you something fun and silly. I mean, have you read my book yet? It’s not exactly a “serious” book. So while I love my badass music and my action-y music, sometimes I just have to grin like an idiot while I write (full disclosure: usually if I’m grinning while I write, it’s followed by maniacal laughter and a little, excited dance about the evil things I’ve just penned).

Enter Celtic fiddle music. This is seriously some of the silliest, most fun music out there in my opinion. I mean, there are so many pieces I could link to! But today I’ve chosen Bear Dance as performed by Katy Adelson. Apparently Katy likes to add some improvisation to her fiddling, and I think she did a really fantastic job with Bear Dance. Plus, the song is called Bear Dance, how can you not imagine a bear dancing to this? It makes me smile every time.

So if you’re partial to violin music, including musicians like Lindsay Sterling and Taylor Davis (both of whom will get a feature here at some point, I’m sure) then give this a listen. Especially if you need to write something lighthearted.

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