The Tick gets the greenlight from Amazon

3112132-tickandarthur1If you haven’t heard the good news, io9 reported Tuesday that The Tick has received the greenlight from Amazon to produce a full season of the show. I’m excited because The Tick was one of the key inspirations for The Horrible Plan of Horace Pickle (if you hadn’t guessed).

The pilot episode was released on Amazon’s streaming service August 19th, but I unfortunately wasn’t able to to watch it until a few days ago. Overall, I was pretty darn happy with it and I’m excited to see where they take it in the full season, but that’s not to say I’m without reservations. Although I’ve always enjoyed watching Peter Serafinowicz (who plays The Tick), I’m not convinced yet that he was the best choice for the role. I mean, I’m not sure anybody could be more perfect to play The Tick thanĀ Townsend Coleman was (although Patrick Warburton comes so close), but also don’t think it’ll take a lot more to convince me that Serafinowicz can pull it off though.

I’m also still unsure about the design of the suit for The Tick. This new design has so much more detail in it that it begins to cross over into unrealistic territory. I know, what a ridiculous complaint to have about a show like The Tick, but that sort of thing can really break the suspension of disbelief for me. It’s not unlike everyone who watched Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man and wondered where Peter Parker got that awesome costume at.

Conversely, I don’t think there’s been a better Arthur than Griffin Newman. Newman’s portrayal of the moth-suit wearing sidekick is phenomenal, and the presentation of his backstory I think really helped ground the show in a kind of reality that was missing from the previous incarnations of the show. And one thing’s for sure: things do get real. Arthur’s struggle with depression and PTSD and the effect on his family add a layer to The Tick that transforms the show from a simple, silly cartoon to something that those of us who watched the show as kids can now identify with as adults while still enjoying the absurdity and humor that was critical to the show’s appeal.

After the 2001 live-action The Tick, I was starting to think that nothing could top the original cartoon. Now, though, I think I could be wrong and I can’t wait for that first season to hit.

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