Music Mondays: Made By Rubble-Star by Instrumental Core

For this second installment of Music Mondays, I want to throw at you guys something a little happier.

One of the genres I rely on the most when I’m writing is Epic Classical, which is an emerging genre that sometimes gets called “movie trailer music” and is essentially a split off Orchestrated Rock. Which is actually pretty appropriate. For those of you who may know be familiar with it, it started exactly as implied: music that was made for movie trailers over the past twenty years that give a sense of epic-ness. Then in 2001 the group E.S. Posthumous released an album of this stuff to the public on CD Baby, and it was a huge hit. Since then, several companies that used to only work on movie scores have been putting out albums and this stuff is epic.

Today I want to share Made By Rubble-Star by Instrumental Core. This particular piece has some beautiful, flowing violin… backed up with electric guitar and dubstep/techno.

If you enjoyed that song, you can use the affiliate link below to check out his newest album, Other Worlds. You can also go to his youTube Channel where tons of extra music is posted, much of it which hasn’t been released anywhere else!

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