Because I knew they were wrong and I can’t let go

If you’re in tune with the entertainment industry at all, you may recall the more-earth-shaking-than-it-should’ve-been news that Thor is now a woman (although to be more exact, a woman is now Thor. Thor is still Thor, just a little less “God of Thunder and Lighting” Thor). There was a lot of uproar about this change in gender. I recall accusations of pandering by Marvel, of money grabbing, of desecrating the source material, and lots… lots… of generally hateful language. Many of us struggled to be a voice of reason, pointing out that Thor has been a woman before, and a horse, and a frog.

Well that was all way back in July last year, so why am I writing about it now? Good question. You see, I was reading a Thor comic to my daughter before bed (1. She’s five & 2. She loves Thor. Literally in love.*) and I noticed something. Let me show you. Here’s the spread from the Bonus Feature in the back of the comic:

20150225_220141This is kinda cool, but let’s take a closer look…

20150225_220151There it is. And there’s nothing to be gained by going out of their way to include this little detail that Thor could be a woman. This doesn’t pander and it doesn’t grab money. It’s nothing more than the inclusion of a technicality, a mere step up from a footnote. Yet it’s an important detail, one that should be so obvious it doesn’t need stated at all.

By the way, this comic is from 1988 (Thor#395 if I’m not mistaken).

*I’m actually very OK with this. It’s setting one hell of a precedent for future boyfriends!

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