Is 2014 over yet?

You know, I really have to say that 2014 has been spectacular. My book came out in July, it’s rapidly getting into more and more shops, and people are loving it. The convention schedule was been pretty hefty… Otakon, Atlanta BJD Con, NE Geek Expo, and Steel City Con. The funny thing is, Steel City Con was the first time I got to offer my book in my home city of Pittsburgh.

And let’s not forget the Indiegogo and the Book Release party!

On top of all that, and unrelated to my book, I finished up at the Gemological Institute of America and became a Graduate Gemologist. It’s been a busy 6 months… and it’s not quite over yet either.

The latest edition of the newsletter is out, which you can read here if you’re not subscribed yet. There are a few things not mentioned in the newsletter that are still coming up, in terms of website activity. For one thing, three artists at Steel City Con were commissioned to do quick drawings of characters from The Horrible Plan of Horace Pickle. What they came up with was perfect and I can’t wait to get a new page on here so I can upload them for you all to see.

In the mean time, I’m still tapping away at the Single Deed of Emeril Battles. Progress on the book has been slower than I hoped, but the evolution of the book is blowing me away. I get chills just thinking about it sometimes. One puzzle that still bothers me is what might be done for the cover art. The cover for Horace Pickle is so strong, I just can’t think of how I want to follow that up. We shall see, we shall see.

Edit (Dec 11th):
In the newsletter (linked above) I gave a couple of shoutouts, but I missed one so I just wanted to add Brian Middleton to that list. So many cool people to remember! AHH!

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